Athletes and Sports Teams


Looking back on my career as an athlete, I can see how a yoga practice would have helped me build mental toughness around competitions, strength around joints that were hyper-mobile and smoother, more efficient movements. If yoga had been accessible all those years ago I think my career would have taken a different trajectory. Today, as a yoga teacher with 23 years of daily practice under my belt, I am passionate about using my experience as an athlete and as a yoga student/teacher to help other athletes find a place of functional mobility and wellness that supports their dreams in sport.

Athletes are finely tuned and need special support to perform their best. Developing a yoga practice is an opportunity for athletes to improve muscle function, balance, body awareness, flexibility, core stabilization, and most importantly, mental control. Yoga as a method of practice wraps all of those skills into one package athletes can dig into when an issue pops up to level out the highs and lows and support performance. Physical training goes hand-in-hand with mental training, injury care and prevention, and my Athlete and Sports Team sessions support all of these pieces. 

Each of the Athlete and Sports Team sessions are custom designed according to the sport specific needs discussed the coaches and trainers. This might include yoga and mindfulness work, self-regulation and stress management techniques, core and stability exercises, flexibility training or a combination of all of it. Each session is designed to include the wealth of knowledge I have gathered during my 10 years as an Elite level diver on Team Canada, gymnastics training, dance, basketball, track and field, 23 years of yoga, a lifetime of recreational downhill and cross country skiing, hiking, mountain biking and all the time I have spent with trainers, therapists and coaches.

I have had the opportunity to teach yoga and integrated practices to many athletes and teams including Alberta Track and Field, Calgary Stampeders, Dive Calgary, Banff Alpine Racers, and hundreds of weekend warriors looking for improvement in their sport. If you would like to speak to me about developing a yoga and wellness program for yourself, your child or team please email me to set up a meeting.