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Led Primary Series 

Led class is very important for experienced practitioners in addition to Mysore and also for students who are newer to the practice and learning the sequence. In led class, the teacher guides the group through the Primary Series postures with synchronized breath and movement, teaching the class traditional pacing, sequence and vinyasa (specific placement coordinating movement with inhales and exhales). It is an opportunity to develop discipline, focus the mind and refine practice with the support of a teacher and group. Options are provided to support injury and progressive opening. Class is followed with beginner level pranayama. Drop in available, link to purchase at the bottom of the linked page.

Led Intermediate Series 

Move through the Intermediate series with synchronized breath and traditional vinyasa to develop stamina and discipline. Offered virtually on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Mat Pilates * Resumes September 2021
In Beginner Mat Pilates series, students will work through a series of exercises to strengthen back and abdominal muscles, improve, balance posture and co-ordination, improve athletic performance, rehabilitate and prevent injury. A perfect compliment to yoga practice or as a practice on its own. 

Self-paced practice under the guidance of an experienced teacher. Students of all levels of experience and ability gather (online through Zoom) to practice individually. Drop in available for students with Ashtanga experience.

Primary Plus
On the third Sunday of the month, we move through Primary Series and into the first 10 postures from Intermediate series. Appropriate for students comfortable and experienced with Primary Series. Followed by full closing and beginner pranayama. Drop in available.

Sunday Sangha - Resumes Fall 2021
Once a month after Sunday’s Led class we will come back to discuss yoga philosophy, practices, chanting, Sanskrit pronunciation and we will make time for Q & A at the end. If you have topics you would like to discuss or questions, please email them!


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