• Listen to your body and practise mindfully

  • I am pregnant, how do I practice from here? Please reach out to discuss

  • Keep your clothes clean and smell-free

  • Wash your mat and rug — moon days are great for this

  • Shower before class to warm or after class. Shower daily please!

  • Ladies please take enough rest days on your Ladies Holiday. This time of renewal and rest is necessary to keep your energy balanced. If you need guidance please email and we will help you to the best of our knowledge

  • If you are sick and contagious please take home practice

  • If you have a fever, take rest — no practice

  • If you are tired please come to practice, we can adjust for your energy

  • If you are injured, PLEASE tell your teacher and come to practice. The Ashtanga method can accommodate during times of repair, just ask how


Frequently Asked Questions

I am brand new to yoga and am not sure where or how to start...

Ashtanga Yoga is absolutely appropriate for beginners! The best options to start would be our Mysore Program, Beginner Mysore. We help beginners every day and that is one of the best parts of the Ashtanga method of practice. 

I have practiced some yoga and am not sure which class is the best fit for me.

If you are brand new, re-new or an experienced practitioner the Mysore Program is welcoming and available for all levels of students. If you prefer something specifically for beginners please attend Beginner Mysore Wednesdays at 6:30am

What do I wear and/or bring to an Ashtanga Yoga class?

Bring a yoga mat & small towel, and wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. A form fitting top works well so it doesn't fly up over your head in downward dog! Otherwise bring an open mind and we will be ready to greet you.

Can a teacher come to my home or office to teach me?

Yes of course! We have many teachers who each bring unique strengths and experience to their teaching. Email us with what you are looking for and we will match you up with a teacher who can travel to you.

I am an experienced practitioner and live outside of Calgary. Do you have an option to come and practice for a week/day/weekend? 

We teach all levels of practitioners including experienced students working through third and fourth series as well as new moms, those recovering from injuries, athletes interested in mindfulness and cross training, even kids! Reach out and we can make a plan that will work for you. 

I am an athlete (my child is an athlete) and am interested in developing a cross training practice or mindfulness practice to help me reach my goals - can you help?

Absolutely. Please check our Athletes and Teams page for more information.

I have an injury - can I still practice?

We have experience and success teaching all kinds of students.. If you are committed to increasing your peace of mind and vitality in your body, we can help. Reach out and open a conversation about how this works.