Janet Hawkins

Dedicated daily Ashtanga practice has been Janet’s companion, deepest healer, guide and support through her journey as a student and teacher in the practices of yoga since 1998 under the guidance of her teacher Nancy Gilgoff.

Janet came to yoga after a lifetime as an athlete. Diving was her primary sport, where she competed at an elite level for 10 years, but she trained in gymnastics, ballet, basketball, track and field and downhill skiing. The intense training and competing regimen left her bruised by life and living with chronic pain. Janet is passionate about helping athletes learn to move better to support their dreams.

Yoga practices gave Janet the tools to heal and move into a life of joy and wellness. It is with this mindset of the healing power of yoga that she serves her students to find their way to health. Her approach to teaching is rooted in helping students out of pain through energetic alignment, breath work, postural integrity and mindfulness practices. 

Janet's close relationship with Nancy Gilgoff for over twenty years has helped her develop a sensitivity to energetic flow and impediment. In addition to yearly study with Nancy, Janet has travelled to India to study at the KPJAYI with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Sharath Jois and Saraswati as well as practicing with Sharath on his US Tour multiple times. Although Janet’s practice remains rooted at home, she does travel to practice with Fiona Stang and Christine Hoar whom she admire greatly.

Janet has taken multiple intensive courses on Primary, Intermediate and Advanced series with Nancy Gilgoff. AYC has had the opportunity to both host Nancy and Janet has had the honour of assist her at workshops in Calgary. Janet has taken a Primary Series Theory and Adjustment course with Manju Ananda Jois and continues to learn through her own research and experience as a teacher.

Additional healing approaches:

  • Yoga Therapy - Ongoing with Susi Hately & Functional Synergy

  • Traditional Thai Massage

  • Cranio Sacral Therapy - The Upledger Institute is the industry leader in the subtle arts. Learning and practicing Cranio Sacral Therapy has deepened Janet’s understanding energetics and the importance of subtle movement therapy

Janet is grateful to share her life with her husband of 15 years, two insightful and compassionate daughters, and two cats. The Ashtanga practice is a commitment that has taught Janet consistency, dedication and compassion, tools that she uses every day while practising 7th series.  Yes that is the hardest series of them all — raising a family!

"I bow to the feet of my teachers and am eternally grateful for their love and guidance"

Janet subs Mysore Programs around Calgary, Apprenticeship Program, Private instruction and travels to teach workshops around Canada.

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Kristian Hawkins

Kristian began practicing yoga in 2001 when he and Janet started dating as a way to get to know her better. He wound up deeply connecting to the principles and theory of yoga. He has enjoyed many yoga trips including extended trips to live and practice with their teacher Nancy Gilgoff, Mysore India to study at the KPJAYI and recently to California to practice with Sharath Jois.

These days Kristian spends more time on his road bike than his mat, but he returns to the practice a couple of times a week to recalibrate and manage life with a house full of ladies and a career as a Project Manager.

Kristian is also the Support Network at AYC. He is indeed the balance, stability, logical mind and financial whiz that keeps everything moving.

We adore him.


"Incredibly supportive"

I can't imagine practicing with anyone else. Janet is incredibly supportive, disciplined, gracious and enthusiastic. Her dedication is so infectious that I find myself on my mat even when I'm out of the country. My practice and her inspiring belife are infectious. Thank you Janet, you truly are a gift.

— M.E.

"A perfect mixture of knowledge, understanding and tough cookie"

Love AYC! Janet's Mysore program is amazing. This cozy studio is really a community and Janet is the best. Janet is the perfect mixture of knowledge, understanding and tough cookie which is why I travel from the far south to practice here each morning!



"Highly experienced"

"Janet Hawkins is a highly experienced and talented teacher. She meets the needs of all her students with patience, understanding and enthusiasm!"



"You have to try the Mysore program"

"An amazing studio and teacher. If you’re lucky enough to live in Calgary you have to try the mysore program!"

— S.S.

"I did not know it would bring me so much peace"

"Love AYC! I can't say enough good about AYC and Janet. When I started the ashtanga practice I did not know it would bring me so much peace and balance. There is no better way to start your day than with the AYC community and the trusting guidance of Janet!" 

— Y.L.