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Practice Consultation $200

Does your practice need a tune-up? Not quite sure how to manage new (or old!) challenging postures as a self-practicing student? Maybe you live where there is no teacher or shala schedule that supports access to an experienced yoga teacher?

Practice Consultation is an opportunity to be SEEN and receive detailed feedback to guide your practice and be held accountable to your goals and plans.

This package includes one private lesson, a month of practice plans and 3 half hour check-in calls.

Practice Consultation can be done in person or online


Remote Mentorship - Fees vary, please email for details

Teachers need teachers too! Many teachers of yoga are dedicated to practicing and teaching and also do not have a teacher to work with regularly. In the Remote Mentorship package, we will develop a plan for continuing education that suits your unique needs as a student and teacher of yoga practices. Focus areas will include case studies, hands-on and verbal adjustment training, cleansing practices, injury repair and ethics.

All packages include - 1 private lesson per quarter, bi-weekly check-ins, a research project and self-care routines.

3, 6 and 12 month packages are available


Modified Practice Support $100 75-90 minutes

Injuries, aches and pains, motivation doldrums, learning to practice with kids, times of change … these “life things” happen to all of us and make it challenging to maintain a practice.

Modified Practice Support is an opportunity to receive 1:1 practice planning to work with the ebbs and flows of life and build a practice that is supportive, holistic and energizing.

This package works perfectly to support women moving through pregnancy, postpartum and pregnancy or infant loss.

If you want pregnancy related information please check Cold Lake Doula. Heather is an experienced mother, doula and Ashtangi.