Traditional Ashtanga Yoga

At Ashtanga Yoga Calgary we teach the traditional method of Ashtanga Yoga as developed and taught by the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India and carried on by his family Sharath, Saraswati and Manju Jois. Our beloved teacher Nancy Gilgoff of Maui, Hawaii was one of Guruji's first Western students and we are blessed with her guidance and experience.

We aspire to be the best Mysore Program in Calgary with the most experienced teachers while maintaining the lineage of the traditional Ashtanga method.


Barb head shot.jpg

Barb Loubardeas - Mysore Assistant and Teacher

Barb has been practicing yoga since 1999, when the gym she attended began offering yoga classes. When an Ashtanga yoga studio opened in her neighborhood, she joined and fell in love with this style of yoga. She met Janet Hawkins as a teacher at that studio, and Janet has been her teacher ever since. In 2012 Barb took the 250-hour teacher training at Yoga Dot Calm under the tutelage of Amber Kyliuk, Jeanine Goranson, and Janet Hawkins. She has done teacher training with David Swenson, and participated in many workshops with an array of excellent teachers.   

Barb is very excited to join Janet at Ashtanga Yoga Calgary studio to continue practicing and learning. 

Barb teaches Mysore  and Beginner Mysore with Janet on Wednesdays


Jeremy Duplisea - Teacher, Level 1 on Mondays

Jeremy found yoga a few years ago and his practice has blossomed that now he is sharing it with others. He is passionate about all 8 limbs of Yoga, and instills them into his daily life.  Jeremy feels it's important to teach in a way that allows each student to feel comfortable and move in their body with ease.  Outside of teaching Ashtanga Yoga, he loves weaving breath work, Charka based postures and meditation into his personal practice.  For him, yoga is a lifestyle, something that is learned on the mat and carried with you throughout your Journey.  Jeremy feels lucky to have Janet Hawkins and Emily Kotow as Teachers. 

Jeremy is in our Teacher Mentoring Program, expect to see him in Mysore room learning and helping out.

Nicole MacP head shot.JPG

Nicole MacPherson - Teacher
Nicole has been practicing Ashtanga yoga since 2007, and after nine years of dedicated practice, chose to embark on teacher training. She believes that it is true blessing to be able to teach others, and believes that yoga can be available to practitioners of any age and ability. Nicole is passionate about practicing yoga both on and off the mat; to her, yoga isn’t just about postures, it’s about living the principle of maitri, or loving-kindness. She is thrilled to meet people where they are on their own yoga journey, and to assist them in any way she can.

Nicole teaches Intro to Yoga on Tuesdays from 7pm - 8pm  This class is currently on hold while we re-structure