"Mysore magic."
I have been practicing Ashtanga yoga under my teacher Janet's guidance since the fall of 2015. She is very gentle, kind, and caring. Janet is consistent, experienced, and always present during my practice. She knows how to encourage me whenever I am down or frustrated. Her motherly love and passion are reflected through her connections with students all the time. I highly recommend Janet to anyone who wants to learn or continue to develop this beautiful Ashtanga system, especially the Mysore magic in the early morning. 

"Intuitive and skillful!"
AYC is a welcoming community for yoga practitioners of all levels. Janet is an amazing Mysore teacher in Calgary is always there for her students, She is very caring and understanding, intuitive, skillful, so knowledgeable and always has something positive to share. I have learned so much since I have been practicing with her. 
Janet has a wonderful quality of being able to motivate and encourage her students by her shining example! She is a true mentor and a beautiful person. I would highly recommend AYC to anyone wanting a peaceful place to practice and an uplifting environment to advance in. You should come!

"She guided me through an especially challenging time in my life." 

I first met Janet at a weekend workshop. Her knowledge, skill and nurturing nature was evident from the start. Janet became my teacher about one year ago, and guided me through an especially challenging time in my life. Through the consistency of the Mysore practice and with Janet's support, I have developed a much stronger appreciation of yoga and myself. I am thankful to be part of the AYC community.

Janet is an exceptional teacher! Her years of practice, combined with her passion for athletics has mad her a wealth of knowledge and experience. Every day Janet pays close attention to her students and their practices. If you are looking to start an Ashtanga practice or deepen your current practice, Ashtanga Yoga Calgary is the best place in Calgary.


"Safe and accessible for every student's needs."

After being away from Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga for four years, I became curious whether it could be a good fit again. The things I missed most about practice - the breathing, the predictability and loving guidance - I found, and more, at AYC. Janet Hawkins' dedication as a teacher and student is truly inspiring. She is very knowledgeable and makes the practice safe and accessible for every student's needs. As I continue my journey of healing and growth, I look forward to celebrating and confronting difficulties both on and off the mat, knowing that AYC's doors are open for morning Mysore practice. Thank you! 

"Regular yoga practice works."

 I would like to express my appreciation for the programs at Ashtanga Yoga Calgary in the strongest of terms. Janet Hawkins is experienced, dedicated, ever cheerful, and an energetic teacher who pays close individual attention to each of her students. 
It really is true that a regular yoga practice works, if not wonders, then deep and lasting benefits to mind, body and soul. I highly recommend Ashtanga Yoga Calgary to all and sundry. It takes an honest effort on the side of the student, but if that is made it will repaid many times over by the help and encouragement of the teacher.

"After practicing I feel capable of anything." 

I first met Janet in 2002 and was immediately inspired by her story. This strong woman sitting comfortably in full lotus position could not possibly be the broken athlete she was describing? But she was. A testament that yoga heals. This was enough to inspire anyone to return to her next yoga class. 

It wasn't until a few months later during one of her led classes that she pulled me aside and asked me the most important question I would ever be asked, "Why are you still here?" Responding timidly I said that it was because I enjoyed yoga! She smiled, her warm and heartfelt smile, and said that it was time for me to go to the Mysore class. I was terrified! I did not consider myself strong enough or capable enough to enter into a room filled with people breathing loudly and going into postures that seems impossible to me. But I went, and it has forever changed my life. I walked into the Mysore room and started at the beginning, Surya Namaskara A, growing slowly, gaining strength and over time, my yoga practice. 

After practicing I feel capable of anything. I was able to have a career, able to be a wife and was able to have three children. My yoga came along with me. All I needed to do was unroll my mat. Janet gave me this precious gift, a gift that her teacher passed on to her. I rain into her almost 10 years later by accident, and again like a timid university student walking into my first Mysore class, I went up to her and thanked her. I thanked her for changing my yoga practice which has in turn changed my life. 

"You have to try the Mysore program!"
An amazing studio and teacher. If you're lucky enough to live in Calgary, you have to try the Mysore program!

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