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Beginner Mysore - Mondays 6:30am $25

Are you interested in yoga?  Do you want to increase your vitality and peace of mind?  Unsure of where or how to get started? Beginner Mysore is the best place to start!  This class is taught by our highly trained teachers to give you simple and direct instructions and get you working yoga postures right away. Suitable for brand new students or those with other styles of yoga experience. Register now


Led Intermediate Series - with Janet Hawkins
Sunday November 5, 11am - 1pm
$20 for registered AYC students, $30 for all other students.

Intermediate Series is the second series in the Ashtanga Yoga method. Called Nadi Shodhana or Nerve Cleansing, this series pays close attention to cleansing and toning the nervous system.  It is a dynamic and deep practice, full of deep backbends and extreme forward bends.

This class will be a traditional led Ashtanga Yoga class and is suitable for practitioners currently practicing this series. If you are unsure if this class is suitable for you please email Janet to discuss