Yoga Repair


Your body is communicating with you

People come to me when there is something that’s not quite right in their body. Something has been aching, moving out of sync or hurts when they do _______. Once they get tired of trying to accommodate the pain, try a few lifestyle tweaks and work through what they know, they reach out to me.

I think of these aches and pains of an expression of imbalance. When something gets out of balance we feel or notice things (aches, pains, tweaks), our sleep patterns can change, we hesitate before saying ‘yes’ to an activity or realize after the fact that we have made a bad call. These are all messages that need to be heard and balanced before they develop into bigger issues.

Is Yoga Repair for you?

If you have a body and something is off, we can start with that.

Clients of mine tend to be active (or want to be more active!), athletes of all types, parents of athletes, yoga people (and not-yet-yoga people), Wisdom Age folk, outdoor lovers and bodyworkers of all types.

The ideal client to work with me is someone who knows they want to move better and continue to move well as life goes on in whatever activities they enjoy. They are committed to wellness and interested in becoming the best version of themselves that they can be.

If you want to figure out how to keep your journey as a a Human Be-ing moving forward in health and happiness and you are motivated to invest your time, then I’m the practitioner for you. If you are looking for a feel-good session or a quick fix I would be happy to refer you to other bodyworkers. If you are looking for support getting into intricate yoga postures, please look up my other page for details on how to work with me for Ashtanga Yoga.

What does a Yoga Repair session look like?

Yoga Repair uses movements, postures, breathing techniques, mantra and meditation to nurture pain-free movement, wellness and peace of mind.

We will draw from my 23 years of yoga practice and teaching, 10 years of sports coaching, 13 years as a parent and a lifetime of active living to develop a program that gets you where you want to be in health and wellness.

You are in the driver seat for where we are going. I’m going to help you read the map and suggest the routes.

Yes! I’m in! What’s the next step?

Yoga Repair programs start with a minimum commitment of 5 sessions. This helps us get to know each other and take the time to uncover what’s moving well and what it not moving well. We will figure out where energy is moving and where it’s stuck and needs encouragement or change.

Together we will build a program to support your goals and work towards it in each session. The time that you invest at home to practice your program will support your progression to your goal. The awareness you develop in a session with me will bring attention to your habits, patterns and limitations. Permanent change to modify these will require attention over a long period of time.

A few details:

Sessions are typically 60-75 minutes and can be at my home studio, your home or office

Each of my Yoga Repair clients has a customized program that we build together and you will take with you at the end of each session. They are yours to keep!

I work with a limited number of clients at a time. There are currently 5 Yoga Repair spaces available to work 1:1 with me. If you want to organize a bundle of sessions and my roster is full, I maintain a waitlist for the next round of student intakes

Some insurance providers cover my services under yoga instruction or personal fitness!

Each session will have a follow-up, either in person on online

Questions? For more information or to book a package with Janet for Yoga Repair please email and I would be happy to answer your questions.